Saturday, October 24, 2015

Horrifying True Tales

This might be the scariest thing I’ve posted yet. It happened just last week, while I was trying to make a comic.

Did you know that not all programs automatically save copies of what you’re doing, so if you forget to save and something happens it’s just gone? And that sometimes computers just shut down because they’ve downloaded updates and need to restart even though they haven’t told you that they’re going to and given you warning to save what you’re working on? Did you know I F$@&*#G HATE WINDOWS?


  1. Not sure if you have a PC or a Mac, but you can change that in settings. Right now, it's obviously set to update when updates available. You can change it to update when you shut down or at 2:00 in the morning or something.

  2. That IS scary. Also depressing. :(

  3. My computer did that this morning when I was turning it on. It started re-starting in the middle of starting. What kind of sense does that make?

  4. I've had it once where an entire blog post vanished just as I was about to finish it. I was a very unhappy camper!

  5. That truly is the scariest Halloween story I've heard yet!

    I agree with Alex. You might be able to change it in the settings. This was happening to my daughter constantly on her PC. Luckily, my husband caught her before she threw the computer out the window and fixed the settings to it doesn't update without warning ... it just asks you a million times.

    Can I update now? How about now? Hey, can I update? I'll give you Windows 10 if you let me update ...

    And of course, if you walk away from the computer and it's idle long enough, it will update behind your back. But it does give a 15 minute warning.

  6. Yikes. I get the warning, but I must have changed things in settings at some point. And I know all about places that don't automatically backup your work. My previous blogging platform had that problem, and I lost several blog posts to it.


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