Tuesday, November 4, 2014

November Goals

September was a total nightmare. October wasn’t, so was I able to get anything done?

Ha ha. No.

October Goals

1. Work on, and preferably finish, REMEMBER notes. For real. Seriously.
I swear I fully intended to do this. I just wanted to finish my other project first (the one listed right beneath this one). You know when I finished that project? October 31st. I’m so sorry, REMEMBER.

2. Finish my non-writing side project (I don’t usually put these on the list, but I might actually be able to do this one).
I have no idea why this took so freaking long. I thought I’d be done the first week of October. Then the second. Then the third. Every single day, I swore I’d be done “tomorrow”. Every day I realized there was still more to do. I’m not saying I’m great at estimating how long it takes to do something, but I’ve never been this badly off. This was such a huge time eater. But it’s done, and I’ll never have to do it again.

3. More stick figure comics! You guys are weirdly easy to please.
At least I did this one…

All right, here we go. Maybe I’ll get something important done this month…

November Goals

1. Do the frigging REMEMBER notes, dang it. The italics mean I’m serious.

2. If I finish the notes, then I can get back to work on my other WIP. I should also make notes of the other idea that’s rolling around in my head before I forget it.

3. Maybe try to get another apocalypse post up. Remember those?

Okay, so let’s see if I can actually do something this month. Fingers crossed. So what are you going to be up to? And if you’re doing NaNo, I assume I won’t be seeing you until December 1st : ).


  1. This is your month! No more procrastinating. And if you do, may more stick figures be involved.

  2. Oh, I never go anywhere near NaNo.

    I occasionally have a blog idea that floats around in my head for awhile, and I mean to write it.... and then it vanishes into the ether on me.

  3. November is looking pretty busy to me! School visits and teaching adults at a community college -- and maybe my editorial notes will show up. (Since the book is supposed to be completely revised and turned in by January, I certainly HOPE they are going to show up!)

    Good luck on your goals!

  4. I know how that goes. Well, at least you got the project done. I remind myself that November has Thanksgiving, which means there are at least two holiday days with which something might be accomplished. (Of course, that's if the family can be avoided.)

  5. Aww stop it and get busy. No really, what's a goal anyway? It's just a rule trying to be broken.


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