Saturday, October 18, 2014

The Cricket

Keeping in line with my (unintentional) theme of bugs and how gross and creepy they are, here’s another story about how gross and creepy they are. Or at least how stupid they are.

I tell you, that spider must have invited all his spider friends over and had a kick-ass party.


  1. When you're going to lay a million eggs in something, you want it to be big.

  2. LOL! And thanks for making this cartoon bigger. I didn't have trouble reading this one without my bifocals. :)

    I can lend you my little black kitten. She likes to eat bugs. Or at least kill them and leave them lying on their back with their little legs in the air ...

  3. Speaking of spiders... Well, I'd better not tell you this story.

    So, which is worse? Annoying cricket or spider?

  4. That is a big meal for that little spider.


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