Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Random Thoughts

---Yes, Random Thoughts! And on a Tuesday! It’s because today my mom is going in for laser eye surgery, which, I’m disappointed to note, is done with lasers, not to turn your eyes into lasers. Anyway, I’m going to have to be driving her around this week, which means my presence will probably be sporadic. It also means I’m going to be hearing constant criticism about how I’m too hesitant a driver and I’m going too fast and I’m too close to that car and one of us isn’t going to survive this.
---There’s a lake in Tanzania that calcifies animals that fall into it. It basically instantly turns them into stones.
---Anyone else want to be dunked in there after they die? Preferably in a cool pose. Hell, what’s the point if you’re not in a cool pose?
---There’s no proof that MSG is actually bad for you. So go nuts with the Chinese food.
---Since human blood has a protein composition similar to eggs, it can be used as a substitute in baking and ice cream. So no worries, cannibals. You can still have your cake.
---You can’t unlearn that.
---Originally, the word strongest was “strengest”. Same goes for longest, which was once “lengest”. I weirdly like them better than strongest and longest.
---A woman set her roommate on fire because he threw out her leftovers. I’d also like to point out that he was letting her stay there after she lost her job. Apparently gratitude does not outweigh old spaghetti and meatballs.
---Bananas are all clones. Every single one has the exact same DNA. Can you imagine if one got some disease? It would kill all of them!
---Of course, the banana they all come from, the Banana Prime, if you will, is really just a mutant. Real bananas have pretty big seeds in them.
---The point here: bananas are all mutant clones.


  1. You're right - I can't unlearn any of that...
    I'd want a cool Ninja pose.
    Hope everything goes well with your mother's surgery.

  2. I wouldn't survive a week of driving my mother around.

  3. That's disappointing about the laser surgery, although -- did you really want your mother to have laser beam eyes? As for the blood/egg thing, that's particularly chilling after the last couple episodes of The Walking Dead.

  4. I can't unlearn ANY of this. LOL
    Prayers for your mom.

  5. I can unlearn anything! Except how to unlearn.
    Yoda taught me that.

  6. Fortunately I get along with my flatmate, but then again, she and I rarely see each other, keeping totally different schedules.

    What a reason to set someone alight!

  7. Blood as egg substitute... I find this weirdly fascinating. Too bad I'm only seeing this tonight. It might have been fun to scare the 7th graders I had today...

    Aren't avocados similar to bananas in that way?

  8. This is random, and I love it!

    So we can't replace our eyes with lasers yet? Way to get my hopes up ... :)

  9. I...don't know where to start. Too many thought. Stone birds. Using my own blood in cakes. Laser eyes.

    I...am laughing. A lot. Thanks :)

  10. I just found you from Liz Blocker's tweet. I'm so glad I did. I can't unlearn the blood for eggs thing and I knew there was something creepy about bananas.


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