Tuesday, June 3, 2014

June Goals

June is here. 2014 is already half over. We march ever onward towards death.

Sorry. That got kind of dark there. So what was I up to last month?

May Goals

1. Send out ten more queries for COLLAPSE. I hope I garner some interest this time…
Yeah, I did it, and I haven’t gotten even a glance. It’s weird how a win can feel so much like a loss. Boo…

2. Finish MALICE. I’m not sure how many words I still have to go, but I should definitely be able to get it done this month.
Yep, done. At least this one feels like a win. Draft one is done and ready to be ripped to shreds and put together as something readable. Maybe.

3. Update my blog’s etymology pages. I have a feeling this is going to be more complicated than it looks (it sure was last time!).
Did it! Did you see? Well, it’s kind of hard to notice since there’s like a million words there (that might be exaggerated a tad, but whatevs), but I updated it. If I’ve etymologized it, it’s up there.

And now for June…

June Goals
1. Read aloud of Malice, including taking notes, and then fixing said notes. I’m fairly certain I can get this done, although reading the entire thing out loud might take longer than I expect.

2. Sigh…do SOMETHING about my query. Obviously it’s going to need a complete and total rewrite. I may end up having to join some forum or other just to get some opinions, which I’m really not looking forward to. Did I say sigh yet?

3. Two more apocalypse posts! I’ve kind of done zombies to death lately, so I’ll see if I can whip up something about one of the million other apocalypses waiting to take us out.

Okay, so that’s what my June looks like. What about you guys? You up to anything this month? Any writing goals you want to share?


  1. You could run with a pandemic for the apocalypse scenario next...

  2. Yeah. Pandemic or meteor!

    Sorry your querying isn't going as well as you'd hoped.

    IWSG #215 until Alex culls the list again.

  3. Hi Jeanne .. well done on your etymological page - I must come on over and look ..

    I'm doing lots and jostling all things .. but will get there ..

    Cheers and see you as we go through June .. Hilary

  4. Big score for May!
    Check with Matthew at the QQQE blog - he critiques queries and does a great job at it.

  5. Nailed your May goals like a boss! And you have to do zombies to death ... that's kind of the point.

    Good luck with your new goals! :)

  6. It's still early. A query sent out in May could be picked up in August or later. You never know! And all you can do is keep sending them out. You miss 100% of the shots you never take. I had that hanging on my computer monitor when I was querying.

  7. Sounds like doable goals. Perhaps you should post your query here and we can help...

  8. I know you're shy about sharing your query online, but I still recommend Matt McNish and his QQQE site for help on nailing the query.

    But you did a great job on your goals.

    My goal for June is to survive it long enough to see my last teaching day arrive: June 25.


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