Saturday, June 21, 2014

Random Thoughts

---Yes, you’re getting Random Thoughts, because I’m still not sure my computer is working right.
---If you’re ever buried alive, take off your shirt and tie it around your face so you won’t choke on the dirt. But it won’t do anything to help your whole buried-alive situation.
---After ten years and forty million dollars, they finally stopped one end of the Leaning Tower of Pisa from sinking any further for two hundred years. Leany is good, but you don’t want it too leany.
---You may have heard that marshmallows cure sore throats (in fact, I think I mentioned it in one of these posts). It turns out, it’s not marshmallows the sugary treat. It’s the marsh mallow plant—a mallow plant that grows in marshes. It does not look or taste like marshmallows, making the name a kind of tease.
---Although to be fair, the plant isn’t named after the sugary treat. It’s the other way around. Apparently, marshmallows used to be made from a paste of marsh mallows. At least this explains why it’s spelled with an “a” when we say “marshmellow”.
---Let’s see if the correct information spreads as fast as the wrong stuff.
---A woman, thirty four years old, was caught posing as a high school student—a fifteen year old high school student. And it took almost a year for anyone to catch on.
---Apparently, she was pulling all A’s and B’s.
---Scientists in the UK are experimenting on how to turn light into matter. The world is slowly turning into Star Trek, and I’m okay with that.
---Maybe then I can get a m************ c********** son of a b******* computer that doesn’t turn into a f****** pile of s*** after three a********* years.
---Yeah, I think I’m still mad about it.
---No, I’m not telling you what letters go in those asterisks.


  1. Don't blog angry!
    Sorry about your computer issues. The post did come through though.
    Knew marshmallows were originally made from the plant.
    And I'll just avoid being buried alive...

  2. I'm trying to wrap my head around that woman posing as a student that long.

    I had computer issues myself this morning when a finished post got totally overwritten by another drafted post. I can relate to those asterix words right now.

  3. I'd ask how a 34 year old woman could pose as a 15 year old girl, but I won't. I have a friend who is 4'10" tall who is often mistaken as a teenager. There are times where her husband is thought of as her father.

    I've been curious for a long time why marshmallows were called that since the plant is nothing like them.

    And I'm sorry for your computer issues. My husband has been having some asterix word worthy computer issues himself lately.

  4. Computers...can't live without them anymore. Can't have them work 100% of the time. Sigh.

    I guess marshmallows are like truffles in that regard. At least, the sweet chocolate truffles.

  5. I saw that bit about turning light into matter and tried to figure out how to use it in my current SF story. Haven't really seen a connections yet. Darn. I like to be cutting edge, ya know? :D

  6. I'm kind of curious as to why the woman was posing as a high school student.

    Sorry about the computer problems. My dad was having some this weekend, but his turned out to be only that the monitor was turned off, and he didn't realize it.


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