Saturday, June 14, 2014

Distractions from Writing

More specifically, distractions from editing, because man, that isn’t fun. I’ve mentioned more than one of these before, but

My favorite distraction du jour is called Pixelo. The game is a version of what’s known as Nonograms, where you have a grid and you use the numbers above and along the side to determine which squares should be colored and which should be left blank. If you do decide to try this, I recommend ignoring the tutorial, which is needlessly confusing (the developer doesn’t seem to speak English, which means the translations aren’t great). It’s perfect if you like logic puzzles similar to Sudoku.

The Impossible Quiz. It’s not totally impossible, but I haven’t beaten it yet. It’s crass and weird at times, but funny and constantly making you think outside the box (sometimes literally) in order to answer a question. Some of the questions are easy (running the mouse over a cat to “pet” it), some are frustrating (having 0.5 seconds to click on something so you don’t lose the game), and others just require you to do as instructed (click “the answer” to continue). Oh, and there was a sequel.

The Company of Myself. Okay, this is a game for people who like simple platform games but also a deep story (all twelve of you?). The gameplay is easy and the puzzles challenging enough to keep your attention.

Doodle God. Like the Impossible Quiz, there’s a lot of random chance in it as you match different elemental representations (fire, water, earth, etc.) together in order to make something new. There’s over a hundred things to make, so it will take a lot of guessing to get one hundred percent completion. If you really haven’t had enough after the first game, you can try the sequel.

Say goodbye to productivity.

I swear, this isn’t part of an evil scheme to distract all the other writers.

Heh heh.


  1. I love the impossible quiz! I used to play it all the frustrating time, but not so much anymore... hmm...

  2. You'll understand if we remain dubious to the suggestion that it isn't an evil scheme to distract us?

  3. I had a laugh over your aversion for editing, because that's my favorite part! I can do that endlessly, for hours, happily!

    But oh ... me and first drafts.

    I love me some distractions when it's time to write a first draft.

  4. Don't tempt me... I am already way too distracted as it is. Life does that to me.

  5. Must. Resist. Urge. To. Play. Games. I'm suddenly really tempted now. But I can see what you mean! It can be so hard to be productive sometimes.

  6. Uh-oh. I have these open in other tabs. I hope I don't get too distracted.

  7. I'm already sucked in by Scrabble and My Talking Tom, so I will resist the urge to check out the games you've listed.

  8. Oh good...I've been searching for a few new distractions. =)


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