Saturday, May 3, 2014

Regularly Scheduled Programming

While I didn’t gain scads of new followers during the Challenge, I figured I’d do a filler post devote a day to explaining what my blog is about when I’m not doing a month of etymology. See, normally I only do one day a week of etymology. Big difference.

Unlike most bloggers, I post on a Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday blogging schedule because I just have to be different, and you don’t want to be bored just because it’s an off day, do you? Anyway, I use the word ‘anyway’ to segue a lot, and I’m always trying to crack jokes in hopes of making people laugh and feeling less insecure. I also like to post about writing/publishing on Tuesdays, etymology/other word related stuff on Thursday, and something fun on Saturday. Or a rant. Sometimes I rant. You should get used to that.

So that’s what my blog is, and it’s a pretty good representation of who I am, too : ). In general, my posts are a bit longer than this one, especially the etymology ones!, but not so long that you can’t read them during a coffee break. I do this for you. Certainly not because I can’t think of long posts to write. All for you.

Later! Have a nice weekend!


  1. Time to get back to normal.
    Most people do a theme during the Challenge and aren't surprised when a blogger's posts afterwards aren't exactly what they did during the Challenge. As long as everything is in the same spirit, you're good!

  2. We're watching Shark Tank right now...every time someone asks the inventors a question, they start the answer with, "So..." Your "anyway" transition reminded me of that! I blog on M, W, and F...I think it's important to have consistency and it looks like you do, too!

  3. Everyone does a theme during A to Z except for me. But that's just how I roll...

    You could always do an "about" page where you explain your schedule. Although, those of us who have been following you all along already know it ;)

  4. I like that you schedule your posts on 'off' days, it seems like everyone posts on Monday or Friday.

    'Anyway' solves a lot of problems, doesn't it? It's so hard to think of a smooth transition from one thought to another. I know i waste a ton of time on it - probably explains why my posts take 4-6 hours to write!

  5. It feels good to be back to normal scheduling. :)


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