Tuesday, May 6, 2014

May Goals

May already! I don’t know if it was because of the A-to-Z Challenge or what but April sure went by fast. For those just tuning in, I like to post my goals on the first Tuesday of every month to shame motivate myself into getting them done. Sometimes it even works.

First, let’s look at my goals for last month…

April Goals

1. Get more feedback on COLLAPSE query, maybe even rewrite it again. If I get something I like, I want to send out ten more queries.
I did rewrite it again, although I haven’t gotten any feedback and I’m still not one hundred percent sure it will work. I just hope it’s not as big a dud as my last one.

2. Forty thousand more words written in MALICE.
Did this! Plus some extra! Yay me!

3. A-to-Z challenge!!! Wooo! I’m planning on visiting at least ten other A-to-Z-ers every day, in addition to all the people I normally visit who are participating.
Yep! Hi, new friends! And old ones! I don’t think I got to ten every day (I may have over committed myself there) but I didn’t do too bad.

And now for this month…

May Goals

1. Send out ten more queries for COLLAPSE. I hope I garner some interest this time…

2. Finish MALICE. I’m not sure how many words I still have to go, but I should definitely be able to get it done this month.

3. Update my blogs etymology pages. I have a feeling this is going to be more complicated than it looks (it sure was last time!).

Well, that’s what I’m up to this month. I’m also going to be busy doing a major cleanout, so I probably won’t get as much writing done as I’d like. Boo. Anyway, what are you doing this month?


  1. Sounds like you have a productive month planned! All those queries are bound to lead to something.

  2. A good place to go for query feedback is Matt McNish's blog: http://theqqqe.blogspot.com/

    After writing that, I had a sudden memory that maybe you already shared your query there. Then again, maybe I'm remembering the future.

  3. You wrote forty thousand words during the Challenge? I am impressed!

  4. You had a good April. Keep sending out those queries.

  5. Go you!

    This month... In two weeks my life gets really, really uncomplicated. Whew.

  6. You were so productive in April with the challenge and all the writing you did. I hope May is wonderful for you.

  7. 40,000+ words in addition to completing the A to Z Challenge? Color me impressed.

    Best of luck to you with your May Goals!

  8. 40K? I'm officially Jealous.

    IWSG #224 until Alex culls the list again.


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