Thursday, May 1, 2014

Challenged Out

It’s done, okay? Done. April is over. We’re free!

Well, the Challenge was certainly an interesting experience. I like that I was able to meet some new people (hi guys! Any of you still around?), and there were some pretty interesting posts. I didn’t visit as many blogs as I should have, but some days I just didn’t have time. Especially on Saturdays when it was really nice out. Am I expected to sit in front of the computer on a warm spring day? I think not.

Anyway, I’m glad I did it. I suppose I’ll do it again next year—there are plenty of words left to etymologize, after all. But for now, I’m going back to my regularly scheduled programming.

How did the Challenge go for you? Or April in general? Find any cool bloggers? Anything fun going on with you? (I ask questions a lot to deflect having to end my posts with something interesting...yay laziness)


  1. Congratulations! WE DID IT :)

    Im feeling kind of bereft lol, and of course, exhausted lol.

    This was my 3rd year and i'd compare the A-Z to having a baby. At the time (especially the last week) its agony...but within a few months you forget, and by next March you're well up for it again...he he he ;)

    Thanks for stopping by at mine during the challenge xx

  2. As a non-participant, I'll be happy to see everyone returning to their normal posts! Yay, all my friends are back!

  3. Making new friends is core spirit of the Challenge. Glad you enjoyed it and hope you'll be back next year.
    It felt weird not to post today, but it was nice pulling up my blogger buddy folder and seeing only thirty new posts as opposed to eighty.

  4. Exactly, Alex. I actually missed some non-AtoZ posts because they got buried in Feedly.

    Whew. I survived another April! (You AtoZers aren't the only ones who feel that way, ya know?)

  5. Yay! We're all done, whew! Congrats on finishing. :)

  6. You are expected to sit in front of the computer ALWAYS!
    Did anyone tell you you could get up? I think not. No recess for you!

  7. you did an awesome job and taught us some new words and gave some cool facts about others =)

    looking forward to seeing what you have to say as a normal blogger!

  8. Hooray for finishing the challenge. I began to wonder if I'd make it. I loved your posts and learned so much about words. Thanks for sharing so much knowledge.

  9. Take a good nap. You've earned it!

  10. I'm glad it's over. I ran across a whole lot of new blogs, which is of course the point. Now back to my regularly scheduled programming... What? Oh, right, I was doing that all along.

  11. It was exhausting, but I'll be doing it again. Congrats on finishing.

  12. Hi JE .. congratulations on finishing and achieving the Challenge - you managed how you wanted to and frankly to keep sane we have to go that route ...

    Just happy you enjoyed yourself and will probably join us again next year .. cheers Hilary


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