Tuesday, January 7, 2014

January Goals

Man…my vacation is over. Now I have to get back to doing stuff. This sucks. All right, let’s check in on my goals.

1. Finish the rough draft of my previously mentioned paranormal apocalyptic story.
            Not completely, but it’s very close, with a few scenes still needing to be written in various places. Since there’s maybe six thousand words left, I’d call this a win.

2. Think about ways to make my blog more fun for my readers. I’m not good when it comes to things like this, so it will take some work.
            Nope, total fail. I’m terrible at thinking up fun things for my blog! Or, if I’m being honest, in general. Do not come to me for party ideas, is what I’m saying.

3. Screw it, it’s December, I’m taking the last week off. Yes, this is totally a goal. Even though I just took a week off in November. Ah, screw it.
            Heh, well, this was definitely completed.

Not bad. I did the major writing I wanted to and now my YA Paranormal/Apocalyptic has a beginning, middle and end. REMEMBER is going to take a rest this month while I go back to COLLAPSE.

January Goals

1. Write a query, one sentence pitch, plot summary, and synopsis for COLLAPSE. (Just thinking about it sets my anxiety levels spiking!)

2. Work on some of my ongoing projects (pretty much everything except REMEMBER).

3. Find a way to post my goals and progress on my blog.

So that’s what I’m up to this month. What about you guys? What do you do to make sure you’re on track?

Happy New Year! Hugs!


  1. Two out of three's not bad!
    Here's my tip for making your blog interesting. Write about your passions. Write about what matters most to you. Because if it's something that you are excited about, it will show in your words, and it will draw others in. (Something I learned during my first six months of blogging.)

  2. I had an unprecedented 2 weeks off for Christmas, and I felt like I had to make the most of them (writing-wise) before I returned to work. So, I added 15,000 new words to my WIP, wrote 4 blog posts and scheduled them, completed an author interview for a blogger, and then turned around editorial revisions for Harper in 3 days.

    I hope that doesn't sound like bragging, because what it did was burn me out. Mondays are usually a writing night for me with a scheduled online chat afterwards at The Practice Room. But last night all I could do was stare blankly at my WIP and say, "Uhhhhh." I typed about 100 words, most of which stink.

  3. Well, what Alex is saying is kind of true. However, there are some things that you're just not gonna get people to want to read about no matter how passionate you are about them. Not unless you can twist it into fun somehow. And you have to consider what audience you're going to draw with your topics. So there's that, too.
    Not to make things more complicated for you.

  4. How do I make sure I'm on track? Well, I'm not. I haven't been for ages. So, no answer to this one.

    As for monthly goals, at the moment I'm contemplating an archery target knitted hat. Other than that, I've got nothing.

  5. Well now that I'm published, I've got readers, critique partners, and an editor all clamoring for the next installment. That kind of keeps me moving. Truth is, I'm a workaholic. And slightly obsessive. That said, as soon as my hubby give me the okay to squander my time in writing rather than hanging out with him and the kids, I'm gone. Most of the time. =)

  6. My January goes is to finish the revision and try not to let it kill me, heh.

  7. Great goals for January! Best of luck writing the pitch, plot summary and synopsis!! Not easy things to do.

  8. I'm not sure I've ever been on track. I mean, I set goals and occasionally I reach those weekly/monthly goals, but I always manage to derail myself somewhere along the way. But I usually post those goals on my blog to help hold myself accountable. If I put it in print, I can't deny it's there.

    Good luck with the pitch and synopsis and all. They're not easy at all. I struggled a lot with them, and I'm still avoiding my blurb like the plague.

  9. When in doubt, use cats for your blog.


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