Saturday, January 18, 2014

Apocalypse Log

Do any of you remember those posts I did about preparations for the Rapture? It was in 2011 after that guy was talking about how the world was going to end in May although I don’t think it did. I suppose it’s possible we’re all hallucinating this at the same time. Really, it would explain a lot.

Anyway, I (just) got to thinking about making that a regular thing, maybe a completely separate blog about survival guides for various apocalyptic scenarios. For example, there’s been a zombie outbreak. While the general wisdom is to shoot them in the head, who’s to say that would work? It didn’t in Return of the Living Dead.

Plus, there are other possible apocalypses. What if there’s a robot rising? What do you do (get lots and lots of magnetic strips)? What don’t you do (time travel and mess causality up so much no one can keep it straight)? Let’s not forget a possible The Stand-like contagion, or invading aliens (you really shouldn’t trust germs to kill them seeing how they evolved on a completely different planet and Earth bacteria would have no effect on them). People could be dying out there without any survival guides for these scenarios.

What do you guys think? Do you have any other apocalyptic scenarios? What apocalyptic books/movies/television shows do you know about?


  1. That old loon Camping bit the dust last year. I'm surprised one of his followers didn't help him along.

    The contagion notion makes me think of Tom Clancy's novel Rainbow Six, where the villains are a group so extreme they're willing to use an enhanced version of Ebola to wipe out nearly every human on Earth. There's your apocalyptic scenario.

  2. Didn't the CDC put up a guide to surviving the zombie apocalypse? Or some government agency. To highlight preparedness. Kinda clever on their part, but the stuff I heard in the media around that time was less than complimentary.

    Although, I'm planning my posts for next week, and this gives me an idea for Thursday...

  3. The aliens could come and claim the Earth as their new home, minus the humans... ;)


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