Saturday, November 30, 2013

Thanksgrieving III

I can honestly say I'm surprised. This Thanksgiving wasn't a total sh!thole, which makes it the first one not to be since I started this freaking blog. Apparently changing urls really did wonders for a lot of things.

There were no fights. No crying. No jerkwad relatives who have to be threatened to be physically thrown out of the house then physically thrown out of the house because they think I'm too small and they won't make that mistake again. Mostly because said jerkwad relatives weren't invited. I also wasn't blindsided by having total strangers invited so I'm all anxious through the whole thing and then angry when everyone tells me to suck it up.

I could get used to this. I hear there are some families that even manage to get along through most holidays! It sounds like a modern day fairy tale, but wouldn't it be something?

Oh, and it's Saturday. The reason why this post is happening now is because it's time for a new poll! I'm really going to try to make this work so you better all vote!

Now! Do it now!

How was your Thanksgiving?


  1. You twisted my arm into it. I'm voting!

  2. Your voting options were too limited.
    So how did you do it this year? Have it alone?

  3. Congratulations on surviving the relatives. I saw mine on Facebook, so it was nice for us, too.

  4. I needed one between Great and Kill Me. It was fairly low low key as you can have with a 3-year-old terror, 7-month-old twins, and two crazy cats. Of course the 7-year-old and 12-year-old and the non-crazy cat were fine. I spent my time with them.

  5. These days there are just relations that I'd prefer to avoid ever running into again.

  6. The problem can choose your friends, but you don't get to choose your family members. Glad you had a better time this year. :)

  7. Sounds like you've had some colourful experiences with your relatives ;)

  8. Thanksgiving Day was great. The weekend not so much. Being mugged in my parking lot is no fun nor were the stitches! Cut long but not deep. I am glad your Thanksgiving was peaceful!


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