Tuesday, November 5, 2013

November Goals

Oh, god, it’s November and I got nothing done. October was the WORST. I was hardly able to write at all because I was so busy with stuff. First there was construction going on outside, then it got cold but the frigging heater wasn’t frigging working (frig!), plus, as anyone who follows me on Twitter has heard non-stop about, I hurt my neck at the beginning of the month (no idea how) and it’s only just now started to not kill me every day. Concentrating on writing is made extra hard when you have to keep taking breaks to lie on the floor because your neck can’t hold up your head.

Okay, enough complaining. Let’s see how I actually did (shudder)…

October Goals
1. Finish Horror Project A, also known as Enduring Eternity. Maybe I’ll share it with you guys.
Yes, it’s fully finished, although it mostly was anyway. As for the sharing, maybe Saturday?

2. Get 30K words down, preferably more in the paranormal apocalyptic than my other horror project.
Nope. Not even close. The above problems really grinded this one to a halt. At this rate, I’m never going to get those projects done!

3. Keep updating my etymology page. Remember all the trouble I had with that? Oh, man, this is not going to be fun.
Ha, I actually did this at the beginning of the month. If you look up, you’ll see the new pages I have for easily confused words and other etymology things. Because they’re not nearly as long as the Language of Confusion page, it ended up being a lot easier than I expected.

So I got the easy ones done. I hope I actually have a chance to write this month and oh, no, it’s November, which means Thanksgiving is going to eat up my time in a few weeks, great.

November Goals

1. 20K in my paranormal apocalyptic story! This is the more important project, so I really want to focus on it. I think some of the reason I’ve been having trouble is because I’ve been working on multiple things. It’s time to stop doing that.

2. Be more active on social media. Of course, since everyone is off doing NaNo, it’s not like anyone will be around to notice.

3. Learn more about computer coding. Yes, really.

Okay, so that’s what I’m up to this month. What about you?


  1. Aaarggh. I REALLY need to vanquish the plot problems in my outline for Book 3 of this series and then get started on the next draft. I had already made it halfway through the first draft before I recognized the plot problems in it. When I have this outline whipped, I'm starting over from scratch.

    More than likely, as soon as I work it out and get excited to start, the manuscript for Book 2 will rebound back from my editor with more requested changes. That's the way things work.

  2. Hope your neck continues to heal so you can write more.

  3. With everyone doing NaNo, it should be easier to keep up with social media.

  4. Have you tried heat on the neck?

    Computer coding: two words that get my eyes to glaze over...

  5. Oh, don't talk to me about goals. I still haven't gotten back to Brother's Keeper since school started!

    Maybe, you should get some sticks or something to hold your head up?

  6. So sorry about your neck. I hadn't heard. (I haven't really been paying all that much attention to Twitter lately. Something had to give, and that was it.) Have you seen a chiropractor. They can do wonders.

    Goals for November? I've got four papers due. Plus a presentation this Thursday (but that's all ready to go). And... Yeah, I'm not going into it. November is trying to kill me. Bright side, all will be finished by November 21st.

  7. When I attempt computer coding it's when I've Googled how to do something specific.

    Good luck on your goals.


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