Saturday, March 9, 2013

Just Stop

I was reading the editorials section of the newspaper again. I know, I know, this does nothing except get me angry, but I can come up with more ideas when I’m pissed off so I read it every day. Anyway, while reading yet another bigoted, close-minded article (not even a letter but an actual article printed by the newspaper), I got to thinking that there are some things that are just big red warning signs that you should stop talking. For example…

1. I’m not racist/sexist/homophobic, but…
Just stop. If you have to start a sentence with that preface, it’s a sign that you probably are racist/sexist/homophobic. I’m not saying you can’t have your opinions—go ahead, even if it’s unpopular—but frigging own them. Don’t say you can have them because you’re not anti-whatever.

2. I don’t hate this group, so they can’t be mad if I want to deny them rights/benefits/funding/whatever.
Just stop. You may consider what you’re doing noble—and hell, maybe it is, I certainly can’t judge—but to this opposing group, it is an act of hatred. Stand by your actions and beliefs, but don’t expect everyone to extoll you for them, especially the people on the opposite side of the fight.

3. Everyone needs to know why I’m right and they’re wrong.
Just stop. Maybe they’re wrong about, and you should certainly stand up for your beliefs. But there’s no need to give a speech to everyone around justifying your actions. The only person you’re making to feel better is yourself.

4. It’s not fair I get attacked because my beliefs are “unpopular”.
Just stop. No, it’s not right for someone to attack you for your beliefs, but if the belief was “popular” and you were attacked, it would be just as wrong. Having a popular opinion doesn’t mean it’s okay to get hate directed towards you either.

5. My opinions and beliefs are being criticized. That’s not fair!
Just stop. No one gets a golden ticket freeing them from criticism. If you publicly announce something, you can bet people will respond. Some will be trolls and attackers. They don’t deserve consideration because they are jerks no matter who they’re criticizing. But just as you’re allowed to express your beliefs, people are allowed to express their counter-beliefs. If they find flaws in your reasoning, you can either respond or ignore them, but it’s a jerkass move to complain that it’s unfair.


  1. I want to have some good response to this, but, right now, this early on a Saturday morning, all I have is chuckles.

  2. Yeah, that's why I don't read the editorial section. (I don't even get a newspaper anymore...)

  3. I stopped reading the papers seriously after 9/11. I felt that extremism and hate speech went nuts after that event and never got better.

    These days I'm not even that sure about people's rights to express opinion and belief. You know or you don't know, you know? And what you know, you really don't need other people to agree with. I would rather everyone just chill. And respect each other. And not bomb anybody or anything.

  4. One of the newspaper chains up here is basically FOX news north. They even have a television channel somewhere in cable hell where no one sees it. Their editorial slant is so biased and so attack dog mode it's ridiculous.


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