Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Resolutions 2013

Wow, it’s 2013 already. I feel like I didn’t get nearly enough done writing-wise last year, although I’m not sure if I didn’t try hard enough or had too much on my plate. Probably it was both. Maybe I can be a bit more realistic this year.

1. Get COLLAPSE to the point where it’s ready for beta reading.
            I certainly think I’ll be able to do this. I have a system for how I go about edits and I don’t have any trouble getting to the point where it needs outside opinions.

2. Find more beta readers.
            As I mentioned in my Reflections post, I haven’t had much luck with finding a long term crit partner/beta reader : (. I’d certainly like to find some new ones, not only for COLLAPSE when it’s ready but for GLITCH (I won’t give up on it!).

            This won’t be just a revision, but a full on rewrite. I started on this book back before I got involved in social media and I honestly think it lacks a lot of the finesse I picked up from suggestions by my fabulous blogging buddies. However! I will not do this until both GLITCH and COLLAPSE are at the point where nothing more can be done. If I fail this resolution, it better be because I’ve finished the above two.

4. Start posting my writing goals.
            I think this will help keep me honest. On the first Tuesday of the month, I’m going to post what I want to accomplish and how far I’ve come (basically these resolutions/reflections posts on a monthly basis). Also, I’m going to keep the list posted on my sidebar with progress reports. The guilt should definitely keep me going.

5. Start up a Tumblr.
            You heard that right! More details later.

6. Start my own utopian society.
            Well, I’m starting a bunch of other things.

7. Never give up on my books!
            Namely, the above three that I mentioned. I will edit them, I will send them out to beta readers, I will hunt down and capture said beta readers, etc. It might seem redundant to have this here, but I need the extra reminder.

Okay, that’s it! I hope I get these done. Anyone have any resolutions they want to share?


  1. Ha~ number 6 made me LOL! You're more ambitious than me this year. I want to start/finish a solid draft of 2 MG novels and that's it. I'm going to be lenient on everything else and do a self check-in in June to evaluate how well the leniency thing is working for me :)

  2. I always end up feeling that I didn't get enough/any writing done over the course of a year when I obviously know it isn't true. I usually go with me not trying hard enough but I am notoriously hard on myself so I don't recommend it to others.

    Best of luck with all your goals— particularly #6...

  3. Best wishes with all your plans, and happy 2013!

  4. I still don't get what the Tumblr thing is all about.

    And you know what they say about writer's who never give up...

    Me? Resolutions? Yeah, I don't do those.

  5. General goals are better than resolutions...

    It should only take us four or five or six months to get used to writing 2013...


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