Saturday, January 5, 2013

Random Thoughts

---LIFEHACK: Lifehack is the new Protip.
---Why does vitamin water have so many calories?
---There’s no statute of limitations on tax fraud in the United States. I’d keep that in mind when you start collecting receipts for your taxes.
---An elephant is learning Korean. AN ELEPHANT IS LEARNING KOREAN. It’s not the apes that are going to take over the planet, it’s the freaking elephants. Thanks a lot, South Korea. The impending overthrow of humanity is on your shoulders.
---Truman Capote called IN COLD BLOOD a “non-fiction novel”. He said it, not me.
---Granted, I learned this on Wikipedia, but apparently the plural of Prius is Prii. I’m not even sure how to react to that.
---“Sony to cease production of cassette players in 2013!” Thousands exclaim: “Wait, those things still exist?”
---I’ll be over here with my durable iPod and the hundreds of songs, pictures and videos it can hold, thank you.
---There’s a spider that builds decoys of other, bigger spiders. Screw the talking elephant. THIS is what’s going to kill us.
---Really Instagram? You think you can change your terms of service to allow them to use your pictures for commercial purposes and you think that’s going to give you an edge?
---The reaction was bad enough that they actually changed the wording again. Considering how hard it is to even get a small company to notice a complaint, they must’ve lost a f**kton of subscribers.
---F**kton: equal to 4 sh!ttons.
---“The Hobbit dwarfs box office rivals”. Okay, BBC. How long have you been holding onto that pun?
---Happy New Year! Just three more days and we can all forget about our resolutions again.


  1. What surprises me most is that instagram didn't learn anything from netflix or facebook before they decided to screw around with their users.

  2. These are great (my hubby was dieting and was really big on Vitamin water until I pointed out the sugar and calorie content...he was like, "but it's VITAMIN water!!")~ thanks for giving me good weekend conversation tidbits :)

  3. And how can terms of service be retroactive?

  4. I had a great spider story for you. Something that happened to me. Two spiders in the space of about five minutes... Yeah, I decided against telling you at the time, and I think I'm going to hold off on it now, too.

  5. Oh, vitamin water. I wish I'd been the genius who thought that one up!

  6. Okay, these were great. Also, I'm a little embarassed. That elephant probably knows more Korean than this girl does.

  7. If an elephant can learn Korean, maybe I can start exercising regularly.

    Loved the Hobbit quote--LOL!

  8. There are still cassettes out there???

    I'm reminded of something my mother once said, about eight tracks. I asked, "what's an eight track?"


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