Saturday, December 15, 2012

Distractions, Distractions

Yay! Online games! Since my television is being fixed and the down button on my Gameboy broke, this is the only thing I have to keep stop me from jumping in front of a bus. Oh, and my family or whatever.

How I miss TV.

Um, anyway! The holidays are fast approaching and I’m sure you’ve been looking for more ways to goof off. I know I have.

If you like puzzle games, you might enjoy Stream Master Unlimited. The purpose of the game is to connect the two matching colors on a grid. It’s really easy when the grid is small and there’s only six colors. Then you get to a twelve by twelve grid with eleven colors and you start to marvel at the complexity of the game.

Because I spend way too much time on Newgrounds, I’m also a huge fan of the RedRemover games. They’re super fun. Like the title says, you try to remove the red blocks using as few clicks as possible, something that may sound simple but is complicated by the physics the game throws at you. It’s also available on your iPhone if you’re interested.

Finally, I really enjoyed the game Huebrix. It’s another that starts out simple (you have a color and a certain amount of squares to paint). But then you have multiple colors, squares you must hit with a particular shade, one way squares, squares that can’t be colored at all. Trust me, it’s more logical than it sounds. Fun, too.

Seriously, I’m two steps from finding my book turned into pages and pages of ALL WORK AND NO PLAY MAKE JACK A DULL BOY. You might think it doesn’t make sense since I’m a woman and my name isn’t Jack but when you get to this point, you see what he had in mind. See? No, of course you don’t.

I should probably go before I start raving. Goof off for a while. It’s the weekend. You shouldn’t even be reading this!


  1. Oh, man, don't start talking about games. If you get me hooked on one, I'll quit writing. :/

  2. So, you have only the one TV? And it's gone? (Or it's finally back again, right?)

    How long was it gone? Because that would have driven me crazy. When I moved into a new place a little over a decade ago, the evil cable company (they were so bad, I could write a week's worth of posts on the hell they put me through) took 3 weeks to get the cable hooked up, and I was stuck with DVDs for the duration. That made me crazy, but I at least had the DVDs.

    And yesterday the DVR broke. Getting a new one on Monday. Still have TV. But not able to access the shows I missed, and that's driving me crazy.

    I get the "All work and no play..." idea. I don't know how you stand it.

  3. I haven't watched TV in ages, save occasional glimpses of the news. I have, however, rediscovered games.

    Dh got me a Kindle Fire for an early Christmas present and I have yet to read a single book on the thing. The game apps are fun, though. :P

    I love Mahjong, Bubble Pop, and just about any version of Solitaire.

  4. Must not get distracted by online games!

    As to television, aside from The Daily Show and Colbert, I watch a couple of shows a week... and that's it.


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