Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Something Completely Different

I suppose I should be editing (as much as I have to follow a self-made schedule anyway) but instead I started a new story. I kind of had to. It got a deep hook into my brain and if the words didn’t come out into a Word document then my brain would have exploded. So editing can wait another month while I delve into this madness.

And it is madness. It’s such a fun story to write because it’s so crazy. Time bending, reality is a blur, anachronistic order…basically one big mind trip, and all of it one hundred percent pantsed. At least for me as the writer. Most of the things I write are grounded in reality, even if they have sci-fi/paranormal twists, so it’s refreshing to escape into a place where those rules don’t exist. Plus, the actual writing style is different. It’s first person, but, gasp, in past tense. It’s been so long since I’ve written in that that I still catch myself slipping into it on occasion. The main character is also closer in age to me so I can put more adult traits in him. He swears a lot, too, and I have to admit it’s fun to go on a cursing rampage where no one can hear you.

So I’m having fun. I’m flexing my creativity muscle, which needs quite a bit of exercise. More importantly, I’m writing and I’d rather be doing that than sitting in front of a WIP, unable to muster any ideas with which to improve it. As an unpublished writer, the ability to do something completely different is probably the only luxury I have. Lucky for me it’s my journey and I can proceed as I please.

What are you working on right now? Do you always stick with a certain style or do you like to experiment every now and then?


  1. Glad you've got a brand new shiny idea. Those are great.

    As for me, I'm working on a novella and a short story. Sort of.

  2. I've got final proofs on my WIP to finish up with, then move onto the next one.

    I like working exclusively in past tense when I'm writing.


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