Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Resolutions 2012

Ah, it’s 2012! So fresh, so new, so full of promise. Before the realization hits that years are just humanity’s way of giving order to the number of cycles the Earth makes around the sun and today is objectively no different from last week, I’m going to post my resolutions.

1. Finish editing GLITCH.
            This includes working on all the notes I have, more beta reads, more critiques, checking word usage, finish making it make sense, making sure it all pops like firecrackers, another grammar check, and the final polish. There’s probably more but I’ve blocked it from my mind for sanity reasons.

2. Write another book.
            Maybe two if I do NaNo again this year. I’m not quite sure what it is that I’ll write (one of the consequences of being a panster), but I had one of those magical sparks that might be Something Good. If it’s still in my head in a few months, I’ll see where it goes.

3. Start editing above book.
            I only say “start” because GLITCH has a lot more edits to go through and I want to really finish it. So…many…edits.

4. Write a query letter for GLITCH.
            And it has to be good! This will have to be sent to be critiqued too.

5. Send out queries for GLITCH.
            I hope. If life gets in the way again, I may have to resort to death. Of myself, others, all life in the universe…whatever gets in my way the most.

6. Make significant progress towards taking over the world. Do absolutely nothing that will elicit international scrutiny.
            You saw nothing.

7. Join in more blogfests.
            I think it will help make more blogging friends and that’s always fun.

What are your goals for the New Year? How much writing are you going to do?


  1. Good luck with your resolutions/goals. I hope you achieve them all.

    I don't have any specific New Year goals. Just the same ones I've been working on. And as soon as I get done visiting blogs, I'm getting right back to editing.

  2. Have you made use of Absolute Write for query letter critiquing? The forum is called Query Letter Hell. haha. It can be pretty harsh but pretty awesome too.

  3. That's the first time I heard the word 'panster' and had to look it up. I'm the same way! But I usually let the idea gel in my head for a month or more before I commit it to computer. Great article!

  4. What great goals! And I love the title GLITCH. It sounds awesome! I think you already saw my goals on my blog, but I'd like to write three more books this year. We'll see... :)

  5. Ah, so you too have the taking over the world scheme in mind?

    Always handy to know when one has competition, particularly in the winner take all world domination racket....

  6. Number 6 sounds like one of Mike Saxton's resolutions. Or one of yours, William....

  7. My favorite is you taking over the world. I think it would be more fun to live here if you ran it, so please do go for it.


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