Tuesday, January 17, 2012

One of Them

I’m glad they passed those cyber bullying laws. It was horrible to be teased and tormented every day in school. I can’t imagine having to deal with that at home on my computer, too. In middle school, online was the one place I wasn’t miserable. But now the internet can no longer be used as a bully-by-proxy.

Basic summary: Jessica Ahlquist is an atheist, she felt it was inappropriate for a banner to be up in her public school invoking a divine spirit, the court agreed with her. And online, people have been condemning her to hell, calling her evil and saying she should be killed.


I don’t know whether Ms. Ahlquist was right or wrong in the banner, but I know it’s definitely wrong for people to be threatening her online. Go and read some of the posts about her. An atheist holocaust? Attacking the girl in class or curb stomping her? Posting her home address? God’s “coming for her” for wanting the banner removed?

Not. F*cking. Okay.

The reason we have laws is so we don’t end up using the wrong person’s judgment. Because to someone out there, we’re always going to be “one of them.”


  1. Bullying is never OK no matter who you are, what you believe. Online or inperson, it should never be done. But alas it will always be here so we must educate the youth against it.

  2. Don't these people realize how ridiculous they make their side look when they go after someone like that? Apparently not. You'd think that someone who is a Christian would be a lot more tolerant.

  3. I'm not exactly an atheist, but I am agnostic. I read about Jessica and felt for her. Someone in a high office calling her 'evil' is NEVER okay.

  4. Unfortunately when one feels that God is on their side, doing awful things seems to be that much more acceptable.


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