Saturday, December 24, 2011

Why You Should Use Bags

Have a very merry Christmas. Or, if you prefer, holiday. Whatever you do, have fun and be safe. Here’s my gift to you. I worked very hard on it.

Okay, I worked on it.

…it’s filler so I don’t have to think up a new post.

Click to embiggen.
Let this be a lesson to all of you. Don’t wrap presents. Use bags. Because wrapping is really, really annoying. Oh, and the environment or something.


  1. I love gift bags but didn't go and get any. I'm committed to wrapping a few presents today at some point.

  2. The other day my cousin posted a pic on her Facebook of her wrapping paper collection... she has 36 rolls. So step 26 (for me) is "Call Missy." ;)

  3. Every year I buy more paper (you know, 'cuz there's me paper and Santa paper and I can never remember which is which). I'm up to a closet full! Bags take up way less room! Merry Christmas!

  4. How's that glitter sneeze today?

    Definitely a good reason (set of reasons?) to use bags. I'm a terrible rapper these days; just don't have the patience.

  5. I always get foiled at Step #4 of those instructions.


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