Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Random Thoughts

---Yes. Again.
---This is what I do when I have no idea what to write. Rather than try to come up with something interesting, I just type random words.
---Give me a break. It’s almost Thanksgiving and I’m busy helping my mom clean the house. Projects include removing the switch plates to clean them.
---If you ignore the “Do Not Enter” sign and go the wrong way on a one way street, don’t stop on a curve and spend five minutes turning around.
---Then again, if you do ignore the sign, you probably don’t have the best judgment anyway.
---There’s a new laser surgery to turn brown eyes blue. No thanks. I think my brown eyes are pretty and will take them over the probable vision damage and dry eyes.
---If you ever get attacked by a shark, rub its nose. Seriously, it works.
---Awesome. I get a new laptop and my TV starts crapping out on me.
---The Halo Effect: When someone who is an authority in one area is listened to even when his/her advice is outside the parameters of his/her expertise.
---Another definition: When someone doesn’t leave the house for three days straight in order to play video games.
---Not that I can experience that. Again, the TV. How I miss TV.
---A live hamster was given to a snake for lunch. The snake decided not to eat the hamster, but hang around with it. The adorable hamster doesn’t seem to realize he’s in danger. He crawls around on the snake like it’s nothing. That’s certainly better than the 16-foot snake that ate a deer.
---I could watch videos of animals all day. I could post more links, but I won’t because then none of us would get anything done.
---Dear Bully is a moving collection of stories where authors recount the bullying they endured growing up. Apparently, we were all bullied.
---My favorite part of thisis “Now I’m forced to hustle for a living as a ‘freelance writer,’ like that’s a thing anymore.” Bizzow!
---What your mother ate when she was pregnant with you influences how the particular food tastes to you. Fact.
---You probably learned in school that there are seven continents. In reality, “continents” is a term so vague that it borders on meaningless.
---The automated telemarketer that just called annoys me less than its incorrect grammar usage does.
---Good night! Or afternoon. Whatever.


  1. Chad enjoys those "watch this snake eat something" videos. I can't watch. :/

  2. Surgery to change the color of your eyes? Wow.

  3. That is so freaky - turning your eyes a different colour PERMANENTLY. Why would anyone do that??

  4. I'm sure the shark loves the nose rub!


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