Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Websites for Writers

Writer’s Digest is a source worthy of its own post. Today I’m just going to focus on a particular part of it. Chuck Sambuchino writes an excellent blog called the Guide to Literary Agentsand…are you checking it out yet?

He’s got a post on almost everything. One article has links to three of his Query Letters That Worked (a recurring feature). Another is a great source if you’re having troubles organizing your story ideas. And crafting a hook! I always need help with that.

There are also articles on new agents, by agents, and by authors on how they got agents. Hey, the blog is called Guide to Literary Agents. What did you expect? And if you want more advice, check out the blogroll. It’s really the best of the best there.

So what do you think? What are your favorite writing websites?


  1. Lots of great writing blogs out there! One of my favorites is Roni Loren's Fiction Groupie. Roni's blog is awesome, tons of great writing advice. I'm also a fan of The Blood-Red Pencil which focuses on the editing end of things.

  2. I"m over at WD. I haven't checked out that particular blog though.

  3. I love that blog. Lots of great information.

  4. Thank you for these links. I'm off to visit them.


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