Tuesday, March 16, 2021

From The Spamfiles

Don’t you just love spam?
I can tell from your silence that you agree with me.
Showing me pictures of cats actually is a good way to make me smile for a while.

I’ve won… a bunch of arms I guess? Not really sure what I should do with them. Maybe go chuck them at cars.

Asking my permission for what? To have more than 18 zombies? Frankly one is too many.

I love how vague they are. They just want “the rest of the documents.” Oops, “The Rest Of The Documents.” Capitalizing every word makes it more official!

This man I never met would never lie! He’s a captain!

This is just delightful. The Anti-Spam Association! First, they insist their message is “from a trusted Source”. Then there’s the delicious bit about “Email spam is real-life spam”. Like, as opposed to what? Imaginary spam? Fake life spam?


  1. Zombie +18 .... It's zombie porn. I should be surprised there's zombie porn, but I'm not.

  2. Email spam is nothing like real spam. Wait, one's a fake meat, one's a fake email. Maybe they are alike.

  3. That's my trick. When the kiddos don't reply, I assume they agree with me ;) Sometimes we're just talking into the void.

  4. I have spam in my cabinet.
    For reasons... okay!


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