Tuesday, February 25, 2020

From The Spamfiles

Are they a woman who looks like a god or a woman who looks at a god? Seriously though, what is this trying to say? Like, are they trying to say they’re religious? Or did they misspell “good”? Damn it, I’m once again spending way too much time thinking about this!

Which do you want, Colombian Beauty or Ukrainian Charm? Ooh! What about both? Can we do both?

Now, they used a “no reply @ gmail” address, so that’s actually believable. But then they immediately ruin it with stuff like a ® symbol just thrown in there, and then the fact that the salutation is just “Respected”. So close, guys. You almost had me there.

Come on, all you sensualist lovers and unicorns out there. Fun fact, a “unicorn” is a term used to describe a woman interested in sleeping with couples. Now you know and you can never erase it from your memory.

How… unsettlingly specific.


  1. Thank you for sticking that in my head.

  2. If Sara is that precise in how far she is from you, that means she's been to your place. Stared into your windows. Watched you sleep. Put hidden cameras everywhere.

  3. Sara is weirdly specific about how far away she is...


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