Tuesday, October 1, 2019

October Goals

It’s the first day of October! Time to see how I did with my goals last month.

September Goals
1. Well,  now that I’ve started, I might as well finish WIP-2.
As anyone who follows me on Twitter knows, I did it! WHOOO!

2. Maybe actually get around to editing those old stories this time.
Nope. I was too busy editing WIP-1. So it’s kind of a win, just not the one I intended.

3. I should also update my etymology page. I don’t even have the case words up yet.
Yes, got this all taken care of.

So I did pretty good this month. I mean, I will get to those stories eventually. But the longer works take priority.

Anyway, new goals.

October Goals
1. Work on notes and edit WIP-1. I have some rewrites to do, and reorganizing, then I need to get more people to read it. Hint hint.

2. Start an editing plan for WIP-2 and possibly start editing that, depending on how much free time I have.

3. Start writing things like query letters, taglines, and synopses for WIP-1. I can’t believe it’s finally come to this.

So that’s what I want to do this month. What are you up to?


  1. That's great! You are ready for the next step.

  2. Go you! And good luck with the query etc.

  3. So, um, I've read up to chapter 24... I know, I should have been finished by now. I'll blame summer. It's been easier for me to find time to read now that I've been working steady. I'll have those notes to you soon. I'm hoping November.

  4. Nice job with last month's goals. Way to finish WIP-2!

    Best of luck with October's goals. I'm supposed to be writing a blurb for the terrible romance novel this month. Which means I'll spend the month doing anything BUT that. :)

  5. Congrats on making last month's goals. I love when I get to the query writing part. My plans for this month...I'm scrapping the 18K I've written on a new WIP and starting it over.


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