Tuesday, October 22, 2019

From The Spamfiles

Spamfiles, yo.

Did they… forget the a in learning? Oh my god, they did. I can’t even.

Is it that I’m trending? I wouldn’t really call that special. More alarming. What did I do to get trending?

Using a 0 in place of an O and a random capital S just screams legitimate.

Okay, I don’t have a car or car insurance, so I don’t know, but is the rapidly fluctuating variables of car insurance really a thing? Is it so vital to get it right that “real time” provides some sort of edge?

She has a terminal illness! I think we all know it’s cancer. And I’m sure her husband is dead, and he left her a fortune she wants to give to charity. Plus she’s Canadian! She’d never lie!

Knocking out all your teeth and then replacing them with glow in the dark dentures does leave you with whiter teeth.


  1. And since when did zebras start selling car insurance? Must be rough in Africa right now.

  2. As if repeating her name three times over in one line wasn't enough to mark her as a scammer.

    Lerning is how they do it at the Spammy McSpam Institoot of Hyer Edumuvacation.

  3. Tempted by the glow-in-the-dark teeth. Perfect for Halloween!

  4. The car insurance one is like me getting WhatsApp requests. Or things about Amazon on the email that doesn't have an Amazon account. Makes it easy to spot fakes.

  5. No no no... talk to the lizard about car insurance. Everyone knows horse-beings have a thing against cars.

    And "lerning" is correct. Just don't ask what it is.


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