Tuesday, January 8, 2019

January Goals

Well, 2019 is here. I’d say it couldn’t get any worse than 2018, but I keep getting proven wrong when I say that so I’m going to keep my mouth shut.

December Goals
1. Hopefully get beyond 50K in the WIP.
I did! Yay!

2. Update my etymology page before it gets out of hand.
Yep, did it.

3. Ugh, now we have Christmas.
Thankfully, it’s over and done with.

Pretty successful. I wish I had gotten more written though.

January Goals
1. Get to 70K in my WIP.

2. Figure out if I can start up a new spam blog.

3. Do all the crappy adult stuff I have to do.

So that’s the plan. Now let’s just hope I can wake up enough to do it. I’m just so tired.


  1. Hopefully January is also a perfect score.

  2. Great job on your December goals and good luck with January.

  3. I actually have goals this month!
    No, wait...
    I actually have goal this month!

  4. "Start up a new spam blog"? Um, what?

    Kudos for slaying your December goals. Here's to January!

  5. Fortunately there's never a shortage of spam coming in.

  6. A spam blog, too? I can barely keep up with my own.

  7. Why are you so tired? Not enough sleep? I know I used to be exhausted all the time. There are solutions for that problem.


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