Tuesday, November 27, 2018

From The Spamfiles

It’s the last Tuesday of November and I’m still so wiped out from Thanksgiving. So here’s some spam.

You guys used the wrong fake email address here.

Well, this is sketchy AF. Just the screenshot is enough to give my computer a virus.

Sext is a portmanteau of “sex” and “text”, so can one really get a sext via email? Because that’s not a text. It’s an email. WHY DOES THIS BOTHER ME SO MUCH???

She lost 92 pounds after a tragedy… I mean… is she all right? Maybe someone should check on her, because that doesn’t seem like a good thing.

This can only end with me in a bathtub full of ice missing both kidneys.

The question mark is because it’s asking if the information contained within will prevent a heart attack in seven seconds. And the answer is no.


  1. If we lost 92 pounds, we'd both be dead.

  2. Did the 92 pounds wander away while the woman wasn't looking? Maybe it's gone to the lost and found.

  3. She must've been a large person to lose 92 pounds and survive!

  4. The other day I got one that sent me a PDF of the steps I needed to go through to "unlock" my PayPal account. I thought it was quite funny as I have about $7 in mine. Kinda a lot of trouble to go through to pilfer $7.


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