Tuesday, September 18, 2018

The Loneliest Number

There’s an apple tree outside where I live, and when it’s sprayed properly for bugs, it produces a nice amount of apples (in some cases, A LOT).

This year… not so much.

(Excuse the poor quality; I need a new camera) 

That’s it. That’s all that survived except for one that was so rotten that it wasn’t edible. What happened to the others? Groundhogs. Woodchucks. Whatever you want to call them. Needless to say, I am very disappointed about this.

I need a fence.


  1. Woodchucks can climb.

    My tomatoes started out strong, then we got a ton of rain. After that, they were just rotting as they ripened. Most were black inside. I got a couple more lonely tomatoes and that was it.

  2. We used to have peach trees at our old house and some years we got hundreds of peaches, and other years none. It depended on how windy it was in spring because if all the blossoms blew off the trees before the bees could come and fertilize them, there were no peaches. And spring here is almost always super windy.

  3. Bummer you only got one apple. Growing up, there were tons of trees near my house and I loved going out and grabbing one when I wanted a snack.

  4. It's an interesting looking picture if you take as a picture and not as a picture of an apple.

  5. Sorry. Fruit trees are great when you get fruit from them.

    Some say that when you get those round lights on pictures that they're actually spirits... Is your house haunted?


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