Tuesday, August 21, 2018

From The Spamfiles

Five days until my birthday. So I’m already checked out mentally. And spam posts are really easy.

I’m not sure which part of this is more alarming, the Illuminati, the Requiem Mass from the Dark si(de?), or the fact that it’s from the Yampa Valley Choral Society.

Look at me! I’m ignoring this!

Let’s play Spot The Red Flag!
1. Email address is all numbers and letters.
2. “Where did you grow up?” is a common security answer.
3. Saying “you are not like the others” is something that makes all women run away screaming.

It’s about time my diplomat arrived. He’s been on back order for months. Also I love how it says “this letter will definitely be astonishing to you because of its realistic value.” Like, come on. Come on.

By now, you guys should have a pretty good idea of the stuff I post. Have you known me to post a health resource? Ever?

Believe me, Jasmine. I’m trying.


  1. You'll have to send along the name of that closet airport. Is it big enough to fit a 747 for the arriving con art... I mean, officials?

  2. I've been getting some weird spam comments, too. One asked where to get the Captcha. Seriously?

    Do you get all the ones that scream at you, begging you to unsubscribe from whatever it is? That seems to be the main ones I'm getting now.

  3. Is it just me, or is spam just getting less creative? It's like these people don't even try to get it read anymore.

  4. Wait, aren't all email address just letters and numbers? My email is all letters and numbers, just without the numbers.


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