Tuesday, July 3, 2018

July Goals

And now it’s July. How does this keep happening? Someone make it stop. But not this month. Next month, because that’s when my birthday is.

Time to check out my goals.

June Goals
1. Do my first color partition—when I highlight different parts of the MS in different colors to make sure everything works. I know I’ve posted about this at some point…
Yes, I did this, and I didn’t catch any glaring errors in terms of writing flow. That’s another draft down.

2. Do my second color partition—this one is checking for sensory cues to make sure descriptions are evocative. I’ve explained this one, too.
It went pretty smoothly. Of course now I’m wondering if I paid enough attention to it, because ninety nine percent of editing is thinking that it’s not good enough.

3. Update my etymology page. I can’t remember the last time I did it, which means it’s time to do it again.
Done, all the way up to the end of the -ment words. Now I can forget about it again for a few months.

June worked out pretty well. Writing-wise, anyway. The world at large seems to have turned into a cesspool of greed and corruption.

Anyway, goals!

July Goals
1. Do my word search. I always find I overuse certain words and phrases so now I have to get rid of some of them so it’s not totally ridiculous. You want to know how much I use the word “even”? Because it’s embarrassing.

2. Finish the short story I started. This one should be easy.

3. Get ready for my blogging break next month!!! I’ll have to get some extra posts ready.

Now I can’t stop thinking of infinite birthdays and infinite cake. So what are you doing this month?


  1. Nailed those June goals.
    Will your August goals include infinite cake?

  2. You are very meticulous when it comes to your editing.

  3. You did great on your goals. I always have to do a word search in my WIPs too. I know, she knew, and he knew are always overused.

  4. I always do a word search, too...and 'even' is on my list, but I think the worst offender is 'just'.

    Nice job with your June goals—may that continue on this month.

    Infinite cake? Sign me up.

  5. How can you even goal with cats?

  6. Good work achieving all those June goals. Bet you nail July too!

  7. I took a workshop on using different highlighting colors to tune up a manuscript and find problem areas. It was really interesting.

  8. This is my birthday month. So, there's that. Some yarny things are in my future.

    Nice when the goals actually get accomplished. Congrats.


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