Saturday, July 28, 2018

Another Item For The List

Frankly, it’s my own fault. I knew who I was dealing with.
I wasn’t gone for more than twenty minutes. I really have to be more careful around her.


  1. Two minutes would have been enough for her.

  2. My cat, generally speaking, won't eat that kind of stuff.
    The dog, however... Well, nothing is safe. She even ran away with a blueberry this morning. She spit it out, but it didn't keep her from a grab-and-run.

  3. Apparently, you need some sort of cage. I'm not sure if for the cat or for the food, though.

  4. Kitty was just helping you clean up.

  5. That was probably a special treat for kitty, but I wonder how that belly felt with such an unusual mood.


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