Tuesday, June 5, 2018

June Goals

Whoa, it’s June already? How did this happen? It seems like the beginning of May was just yesterday.

Anyway, let’s look at what I was supposed to do last month.

May Goals
1. Finish the read through and all the editing notes that come with it.
I did this! On May 1st, if I recall correctly.

2. Start working on the notes. I’m not so sure I’ll be able to finish them as it looks like there’s going to be around six hundred, varying from “change this word” to “change this whole section”.
Hey, I did this, too. It was indeed over six hundred, but somehow I managed to get through all of them. And yet I’m STILL finding things I need to change.

3. Find something mindless and boring for me to do to recharge with. I have a feeling I’m going to need it.
Yeah, I did this too, because nothing makes you want to edit more than doing something that’s even more boring.

That’s another month down. What’s next?

June Goals
1. Do my first color partition—when I highlight different parts of the MS in different colors to make sure everything works. I know I’ve posted about this at some point…

2. Do my second color partition—this one is checking for sensory cues to make sure descriptions are evocative. I’ve explained this one, too.

3. Update my etymology page. I can’t remember the last time I did it, which means it’s time to do it again.

So that’s my plan for this month. What are you going to be doing?


  1. Good luck with your June goals! They sound very achievable. Your editing process sounds much more organized than mine. Maybe that's why I'm constantly editing...

  2. Big score for May! Hope June is just as good.

  3. You are very organized with your editing.

    I'll be spending the month preparing for the next release and appearances.

  4. Hmmm, what to do in June? Today is the primary election day in California, so get out and vote. Then I will find some sort of summer job. At the moment that's the list.

  5. Good luck with your goals for the month.

  6. I'd say voting's on my mind- we have a provincial election in two days- but I already cast my vote in the advance polling station.

  7. I do not understand you people who color all over your manuscripts.
    That just seems overly complicated to me.

  8. Hey, congrats on getting through all those notes. That's a lot. I'm in just the same place, hopefully I'll get through my final leg of editing this month.


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