Tuesday, June 26, 2018


You know what I miss? Being emailed when I have comments on my blog, especially since as most of you know, that’s how I prefer to respond to them. Now I can’t even tell if I’ve gotten a new one unless I visit my blog to check. My life doesn’t revolve around my blog, you know! It revolves around email, obviously, but not my blog?

What is taking google so damn long to fix? This all started almost a month ago, when they starting “updating” the email system, so I’m assuming this has something to do with that. It feels like they don’t care about Blogger or the people who use it and so they’re not going to fix it, they’re just going to say they’re fixing it and wait for everyone to stop expecting it to be fixed. Then they’ll keep slowly breaking it until no one uses it anymore. You know, like Microsoft.

The last I checked, they had a possible fix posted that involved comment moderation… which I don’t have. And a bunch of other people still aren’t getting notifications either. But do you know what did work? That’s so freaking stupid I can’t stand it?

My comments were sent automatically to my email, by going to Blogger/Settings/Email. So I deleted that email and replaced it with another one (my old email address). Then it sent a “Subscribe to comments” message to that one and I hit yes. Then I went BACK to Email and put my normal account back in. And I got the “Subscribe to comments” email.

It works again. But how annoying. I may have to go punch something.


  1. Look how long it took them to fix the word verification - I think that was a whole year. Very annoying on IWSG day when I'd hit my twenty-fifth blog, knowing that after that it was all word verification...
    I've never received notification. That would be way too many emails for me.

  2. I was getting emails but now that I'm not, I don't miss it. I just have to remember to actually check my blog for comments.

  3. I was too puzzled. And got back to the blog and look at the blog dashboard to see if there are any comments. But now that you have given a solution, it will help.

  4. I've never had emails with comments. I just check the posts for new ones.

  5. Of course they don't care; blogs are no longer a cash cow, so they're letting it starve slowly in an empty field.

  6. I never got my comments by email. I get too much email anyway... I just check my blog once or twice a day to see if people comment and to reply.

  7. You didn't even need to put in an old email address. Just deleting and redoing worked. If this becomes abandonware, we'll all have to migrate to WordPress.


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