Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Totally Legit Comments

Last week (Monday, in fact, right before my last spam post was due to go up) I got a spate of comments on my last month of blog posts. There were about fifteen, all from someone named “Koi” with a bunch of Thai letters at the bottom. So yeah. Spam.

I’ve gotten tons of fake comments before, usually in barely comprehensible English. But these were perfectly readable. In fact, they seemed familiar.

Kate might recognize this, as she’s the one who said it first. They were all cribbed from other comments. From the same post even! How lazy is that? A lot of them were generic enough that I would not have recognized them right away. But then there are ones like this:

Podcasts while knitting…sounds an awful lot like Liz. Sure enough, she’s the one who actually said this.

Alex would certainly agree with you, considering he said the exact same thing.

Andrew added a few more words when he made this post. Several of them were like this, just taking pieces of the original. As if I’m not going to notice. Maybe it would have been less suspicious if they didn’t upload all their comments on the exact same day, most on posts that were weeks old.

This isn’t an isolated incident since William mentioned that the same thing happened to him. Any of you had any crazy comments lately? Do you think the spammers really believe we’re not going to notice?


  1. I've been quoted by spam.
    What is the purpose of doing that? Unless it's just for the link-back.

  2. That's so odd they would simply copy other comments.

  3. When they were doing that to mine and other photoblogs, I was sending everything off to spam, and when it was when I was a few days behind in blog reading at the time that I noticed the copying of comments in other photoblogs particularly- such as their copying a comment I'd made.

  4. Yes, me too. Same bot, I suspect. (Which reminds me, I need to go and delete those comments. Oops...)

  5. The ultimate form of flattery??? So odd!

  6. Ha. That is too funny. Does that make Alex and Liz famous? ;)


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