Tuesday, April 18, 2017

From The Spamfiles

Yay! Spam time again! I don’t have to write a real post!

Wow. I did not know this was what Christianity researched. I was way off.

I’m…a little worried about the tasty thing. Please don’t be hiding outside my house with a knife and fork.

I’m insulted that this spam is so lazy that they didn’t either bother to fill in the badly worded template! They could at least put some effort into spamming me!

I MAY have won a Sam’s Club Reward Card! Stop the frigging presses.

It’s almost Christmas! Show off your body! That’s prime body showing off time! Actually it probably is for people in the southern hemisphere. But not here! Cold! Snow!

I have standards, mike. I only date guys who capitalize their first names. And aren’t an awkward amount older than me.


  1. My wife can show off her body anytime.

  2. The Bible says to go forth and multiply but I don't think that's what it meant.

  3. Maybe I should look at some of the spam I get...?

  4. You get way more interesting spam than I do… I just get Indian companies who want to make my website more visible. My website???

  5. I'm still getting spam for Liz Nok. That blows my mind. (At least a decade ago, maybe longer, I did some quiz or other online. When it asked for my info, I filled in my name as Liz Nok.)

  6. I guess if he calls you Beauty, that makes him the beast.

  7. Diane just made me laugh :) So funny. I don't read my spam but enjoy sharing yours :)

  8. Don't tell Dan Brown about the Africa/ Viagra/ Christianity thing. It'll give him material for yet another implausible book.

    I seem to be getting a lot of spam these days in my email for crap that's totally irrelevant to me.


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