Tuesday, March 7, 2017

March Goals

Well, February managed to be surprisingly bad. I was so stressed through most of it that I couldn’t concentrate and didn’t do a very good job on my goals. Also I went to go give blood and they told me I’m anemic and now I have to take iron. That at least explains why I’m tired all the time.

Anyway, goals.

February Goals
1. Another 10K. I will write this or die trying.
Sadly, I failed on both counts. I got 5K done, which isn’t the worst, but I’m disappointed that I wasn’t able to die trying for the rest :P.

2. Read some new books.
Well, it wasn’t anything new, just some old favorites. This would probably be easier if I had tons of money to spend on books.

3. Organize all my stick figure comics. This is kind of hard to explain, but because it’s mostly copy and paste, I have tons of different images that I could reuse. If I was able to find them.
I actually managed to do this! It’s a miracle! And wasn’t terribly difficult. I’m hoping it being more organized will make creating those silly comics easier.

Kind of disappointing, but February was exhausting. It is truly the Monday of the months.

March Goals
1. Actually write 10K this time. Or, at the very least, finish last month’s 10K.

2. See if I can by that book I want to read for research. And, you know, read it.

3. Try to think up something fun to do. Because we could all use a little fun right now.

So hopefully, that’s what my March will be like. What do you want to do this month?


  1. Five thousand words is still good. Aim for twenty thousand and you'll hit your ten thousand.

  2. Yes, 5k is nothing to be sneezed at. Glad you identified your health issues; that means you can deal with them.

  3. February was exhausting. Given that very true fact, I'd say 5k is pretty freaking good.

    I like to re-read a few old favorite novels every now and then, to help me recharge or reset or something like that.

    I'm assuming you have, but have you checked your local library for the book you want to read for research? If they don't have it, maybe they can get it from another library?

    Best of luck with your March goals—may you find this month far less exhausting than the last.

  4. February was not a good month all around, it seems. I donate blood, at least when my iron levels are behaving!

  5. Hmm... What did I accomplish during February?
    I got older.
    That might be it.

  6. When life is difficult, it's nice to revisit old book friends and wallow in the familiar. Sometimes I just want to reread. That's probably what you needed. And good news that you know what's been making you tired. That'll help out a whole lot.


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