Tuesday, November 29, 2016

We’re So Proud

Thanksgiving…wasn’t terrible? I guess it’s all being saved up for Christmas. Ugh, Christmas is coming.

But I did see my cousins, who are pretty cool. One of them showed me a sketch she did as a part of her project for her senior year of college, where she plays the "fun cop".

Her mother thought it was particularly hilarious, and makes up about a third of those views there. She might be a little biased, but I still really enjoyed it. Fun fact: every parent in the room said that better not be real coke, to which she reminded them she couldn’t afford it.


  1. That did make me laugh.

  2. Couldn't afford real coke. Okay, that's funny. I'll have to watch this later, when I'm not in a silent classroom with kiddos sort of on task. (They have computers, so it's hard to tell.)

  3. Okay, well, bah. I don't have time to watch that right now. :(
    I'll try to come back later for it.

  4. Too broke for real coke. Now that's funny.


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