Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Thanksgiving Spam 1

It’s Thanksgiving week in the US and I don’t feel like working! So here’s some spam, from way back when I first started the Spamfiles!

One of my very first posts! The answer to this query is still “By conning people into thinking they can make $94,218 blogging”.

Uh-oh, you guys shouldn’t be looking at this! It’s legally privileged!

…You come into my house and this is how you speak to me? What did I do to deserve this disrespect?


  1. I used to get the occasional spam comment that suggested some of my readers were brain dead.

    I've got one of those standard Nigerian scam messages in my junk mail a couple of days ago... I'll have to use it for a post.

  2. Spam is always good for a chuckle. Happy Thanksgiving.

  3. :) Happy Thanksgiving!! Enjoy your time!

  4. She finds spelling issues bothersome? Oh dear!

  5. Complaining about your spelling with a run on sentence. Sounds like Skitt's Law to me...


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