Tuesday, February 10, 2015

February Goals

There, I’m finally back to regular posting. Man, January was such a mess! Both with the two feet of snow that came piling down and also the whole lack of computer thing. That put a hamper on things. I’m also not looking forward to this month because I won’t have as much time to write as I like since I really need to start worrying about having enough money to, you know, not starve to death. It’s an issue sometimes.

Anyway, let’s get into the goals…

January Goals

1. REMEMBER: continue word edits and writing edits, and finish the freaking pacing edits.
Well, maybe I would have if my stupid computer didn’t break!!!

2. Figure out the story for the book I’m rewriting. (You’d think this would be easy, but because of all the problems it had, it’s going to need some thought)
I actually did this before the whole broken computer thing. Of course I got all the little things done before it went kerflooey. That’s how it goes.

3. Write A-to-Z Challenge posts.
Also got this one done, I think just a few days before previously mentioned kerflooey.

I’m still frustrated that I couldn’t get the most important thing done, even if it wasn’t my fault. Plus now I don’t know when I’ll have the time…

February Goals

1. Try to find enough time to do those frigging edits on REMEMBER.

2. Get caught up on everything I fell behind on without a computer.

3. Don’t starve to death. Maybe.

Ugh, February. Why you got to be like this? Why you make me hate you?

What are you up to this month? Anything fun?


  1. Crap, don't starve to death!
    At least you got your Challenge posts done. I'm about half done.

  2. How do you make money?
    Just by the way.
    Either you haven't mentioned it, or I'm not remembering.

  3. Well, you got derailed a bit. Catching up will take time.

  4. It's hard to play catch up, but it will happen. Don't starve.

  5. Ah yes, February. Good luck with the eating thing. Sending you lots of prosperity. And if I could, I'd send you some of our weather.

  6. For you, I hope the goal you reach first for this month is to not starve. My first year teaching, my room mate and I ate popcorn for dinner sometimes. That's how poorly we were paid.

  7. February is a big revision month for me. The third Eighth Day book, a fresh new MG adventure soon to go on submission, and a beloved YA paranormal historical that needs an overhaul before going on a second round of submissions.


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