Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Resolutions 2015

Ugh, 2015 all ready. I’m sorry, but time is just going to have to slow down. I can’t keep up with it at this pace.

So what do I want to accomplish this year?

Resolutions 2015
1. Finish REMEMBER. It’s been over a year now! I’m hoping to get it out to beta readers by summer, but if time keeps moving as fast as it is, who knows? (I mean, it’s clearly not me…right?)

2. Write a new book : ). This should be easy. I have a few ideas rolling around my head, but no spark yet. Which is good, as I have enough on my plate right now.

3. Make more manageable goals. Sometimes I think I reach too far, and I end up crushed when I don’t get even close to my goal, and then I don’t think I can do anything…etc. etc. This is me, trying to be more positive by understanding my limits. Let’s see how long this one lasts.

4. Rewrite an old book. There’s one WIP I’ve been telling myself I’d rewrite for ages and never getting around to doing so. So here it is on my list, and hopefully I’ll get to it.

5. One stick figure comic a week! More manageable goals, remember? : )

6. Cut back on sugar. Ugh, I hate this one, but I really do need to cut back…

7. Be awesome. Oh, wait, I always am anyway.

So it’s 2015. What do you want to do this year?


  1. Rewriting an old book sometimes works - trust me!
    More stick figures. Awesome.
    And it's not just you. The older I get, the faster time moves.

  2. Goals need to be attainable or we just get frustrated.

    We're to the point it takes us three years to go through one back of sugar. Sometimes longer.

  3. I think you need to upgrade to stone figures.

  4. Cut back on sugar...that's on my list every year. I've not done well with it so far this year. You know, all six days of it.

    I have a couple of old manuscripts I'd like to rewrite, too, at some point. I just need to finish some other projects first. Sounds like a job for sugar!

    Oh wait...

  5. You definitely had #7 covered. I've been doing better and better on the sugar thing. Still like a bit in my tea but I never do soda or fruit drinks.

  6. Good luck with your goals. My resolutions are kicking my butt already. And yes, more stick figure comics. :)

  7. Wait - finishing one book, writing a new one, and rewriting an old one, all in one year, is you making more manageable goals???

    Sheesh. That's like a five year plan for me, and that's being optimistic. If you can do all of that, I am in awe. If you can't, well, wouldn't that just be...normal?

  8. I'd like to cut back on sugar and salt. Good luck with your goals. I have a few in mind. I like your comics.


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