Saturday, February 15, 2014

Random Thoughts

---It snows metal on Venus. I suppose we should consider ourselves lucky.
---The Welsh word for microwave is “popty ping”. You’re welcome.
---Fluoroantimonic acid can eat through glass. It’s pH is a negative 31.8. It can only be stored in a Teflon container. But I bet it would melt a body. You know. FYI.
---The largest bacteria is called Thiomargarita namibiensis. It’s one milimeter in length, which doesn’t sound like much, but unlike most bacteria, it’s visible to the naked eye. It lives in the ocean off Namibia (hence the name). Imagine yourself swimming out there. And you see something. It looks like short strands of hair. But it’s not. It’s bacteria.
---If parents don’t pay their kids’ school lunch bills, I don’t think the solution should be to take the lunches from the kids and throw them away.
---“A man accused of taking a commercial ferry from the Seattle waterfront is due in court Monday afternoon.” A) why would anyone steal a ferry, B) what are you going to do with it?
---Hydrox cookies were invented before Oreos.
---“EXTRATERRESTRIAL INVADERS crash into Earth’s South Pole”. Sounds interesting, right? Here’s the first line: “Scientists at the South Pole have detected a collection of neutrinos from outer space that could help explain the origins of the universe.” Yeah, that headline’s not misleading or anything.
---More people have access to cell phones than toilets. In all fairness, it’s a lot easier to go to the bathroom outside than it is to make a call on a tree.
---Actual thesaurus suggestion for the word ‘flattened’: poleaxed. It would be totally inappropriate for what I was trying to say in my book, but I so wish it wasn’t.


  1. All right, the cell phone one got me!
    Now there's a Welsh word we can understand. Have you ever heard it spoken? I have and it would be an incredibly difficult language to learn.

  2. I saw that news item from a Utah editorial cartoonist. I sometimes think Utah needs to be demoted from state status.

    And I've occasionally used Translate on my blogs to see what they look like in other languages. Welsh ends up looking very peculiar indeed!

  3. Welsh is fun to listen to as long as you don't have to understand or speak it! And you got me, like with Alex, with the cell phone witicism! :-)

  4. Is it still snow if it's metal? How do we know that's not rain? Maybe it's metaling? Or, no, flaking!

  5. The cell phone thing made me think of something I saw on Facebook this week. It's from Upworthy, and I just spent 10 minutes tracking down the link for you:

    It's amazing what the humble cell phone can do. (I'd still like a toilet, too, thanks.)

  6. I saw that news article about the school staff throwing food away and leaving the kids without lunch. That's a case of stupidity in action -- directions given from above that were totally mis-applied by people with poor judgment.

    I wish you could use poleaxed, too. What a word!

  7. Love this list! Well, I don't *love* it, but you know what I mean. :P

  8. Reporting in from the Seattle area: The manager or whatever of the ferry system was astonished when he saw the ferry floating by, and he knew it was not scheduled to go out. That's the start of a bad day.

  9. Haha, you are my comic relief. I haven't been up to date on blogs lately, now I know why I should be. :) subscribed to your emails so I don't miss out!


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