Saturday, February 22, 2014

Spaced Out

I like space. Outer space. I think it’s cool. I’m absolutely terrified of the thought of actually going there, though. I prefer to observe it on my nice, atmosphere-covered planet. Luckily there are braver people than me to do that.

First we have a game, Cosmic Crush and its sequel are a lot of fun. You play as a rock and smash into smaller stuff to grow, becoming a planet, a yellow star, a red giant, and even a galaxy. I like the control in the first one better because you can use the arrow keys, but the second one, where you have to use the mouse to move, is longer and otherwise has better gameplay.

Scale of the Universe isn’t a game, really, but it’s interactive so that’s what it’s called on Newgrounds. I’ve mentioned it before—it’s filled with information on various things that you look at by moving a scale along the bottom. You can go as small as quantum foam, the theoretical foundation of the universe, but what I really like is the right end of the scale, when it talks about various planets, stars, nebulae, and galaxies. You can see the distance from the sun to Pluto, which happens to be greater than the largest known star.

Science Daily has tons of articles on planets outside the solar system, black holes, and astrophysics. There’s also the Hubble telescope’s website, which might as well be called “Cool Space Photos Daily”. Cracked also has some good space articles from time to time, that are pretty well-researched and full of cool pictures, which include things like the planet made of diamond and the space cloud of raspberry rum. I’m not making that up. It’s totally a thing.

Anyway, I like space. I only regret not having any good ideas for stories that take place there.



  1. Cosmic Crush anything like Candy Crush?
    There's an app called Star Walk that's really cool. You hold up your iPad and it shows you where all the stars are located in the sky, plus constellations and other objects.

  2. Whoa... space... it's, like, far out, man.

  3. I go to the Hubble site with some regularity, for a look at what's out there. I think it comes from that primal feeling in so many of us to be curious about what's beyond that next horizon... extended to the stars.

  4. When I was 8 I wanted to be an astronomer. I even got a degree in physics with that idea in mind. Then I got stuck... Still love space, though.

  5. I love those daily pics from the Hubble.
    And I love stargazing, especially when I had access to an enthusiat's telescope. Wow!!! Seeing the rings of Saturn is truly amazing.

  6. I'm with you. I'll experience outer space living vicariously through the folks over at NASA. :)


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