Saturday, August 24, 2013

Random Thoughts

---Last post before my vacation! Yay!
---Marshmallows stop sore throats!
---Anyone else hate that the mallow in marshmallow is spelled with an a instead of an e? No one? Just me then?
---Today’s I-can’t-believe-it headline: Fight erupts between parents at kindergarten graduation. Apparently it started between teenagers, but the parents decided they had to get in on that action.
---No article should ever start “In honor of Geraldo Rivera’s nude selfie…”
---The World Toilet Organization is an actual thing. I’m sure they do good works promoting sanitation, but no one will ever be able to look at that name and not laugh.
---Shel Silverstein worked for Playboy! For forty years!
---“Don’t forget to back up your PC before trying Windows 8.1”. I know they said that because it’s a beta and you should always backup before downloading something still in the testing stage, but I can’t help but believe it’s just because it’s Windows.
---“Yoga in public schools is not religious instruction, judge rules”. I do have to disagree with the judge saying that yoga is akin to other “exercise programs” like dodge ball. No, yoga is nothing like dodge ball. Dodge ball is getting hit in the face with rubber balls for thirty minutes, not exercise.
---People have been naming babies Hashtag, Facebook, and even Like. You can weep for society now.

---Vampire bats adopt orphaned young of other bats (same species I assume, but still, impressive).
---“NY man tried to sell baby on Craigslist”. Apparently he was mad at his girlfriend for not paying him attention and despite being two months old, the baby is less needy than him. The obvious solution for him was to try to sell her baby.
---You might wonder if my Random Thoughts posts are turning into nothing but showcases of disturbing news articles, but the real thing you should be questioning is why I keep finding more links.


  1. Yes, you should always back up, but they said it specifically because it's Windows 8.
    And your assessment of dodge ball is correct!
    Have a great time on your vacation.

  2. Yeah, it's because it's Windows 8, because, you know, according to them it's the most "stable" system ever built and never crashes.
    They have no explanation as to why my computer sometimes crashes then, but it's not because of 8.

  3. I hope your vacation is not on a cruise boat!

    I also wonder who objected to yoga being taught in a public school and likened it to religious instruction. I mean, who felt so strongly about this that they brought it before a judge?

    Okay ... I gotta go click that link.

    1. Hi, I'm back, and I have to share a quote from the article:

      "The judge said some opponents of the yoga program seem to have gotten their information from inaccurate sources on the Internet.

      “It's almost like a trial by Wikipedia, which isn't what this court does,” Meyer said."

      Yup, I can see it now. "I read on the Internet that yoga would brainwash my child into a religious cult." That sounds about right!

  4. If you want to hear some of the strange names parents come up with, all you have to do is work in a school. I used to keep a list of some of the more interesting examples, but I stopped because it was getting a bit redundant. Tedious? Not sure what word I'm going for here.

  5. Disappearing people... Maybe they wanted to disappear? Or maybe they disappeared while in port, not on the ship. Hm... Still, interesting.

    I'm so glad I got my laptop before Windows H8 came out. (My mother has it, and it's AWFUL!) I much prefer Windows HEA7EN. :)

    I've been weeping for society for some time now.

    See you Monday.'ll be gone, but you know what I mean. ;)

  6. I always spell marshmallow wrong for that reason. I want it to be an "a" instead. I had the same fears when I went on vacation on a cruise. All I could think about was Titanic and I counted the lifeboats. But it was really a great time! Have fun!

  7. Now the real question is whether Geraldo's unwanted selfie is more disturbing than baby selling or bad adults at a kindergarten graduation.

    Which to choose, which to choose...

    Enjoy the break!


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