Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Wanted: Guest Posts

It’s that time of year again!

Not big enough.

That magical, special time when we celebrate the birth of *me* on August 26th, when I’ll be the ancient, decrepit age of twenty seven. Anyway, as usual, and I mean as I’ve done for the past two years, I’m going to take a blogging vacation around that time, so if anyone has something to promote or an idea to share or feels like doing me a solid, please let me know. Also, two weeks after that is approaching my blogiversary, so I’m going to be totally lazy and do reposts for then. Yes, I’ll be celebrating my blog by not doing anything to it : ).

So again, if you feel like doing a guest post for me, shoot me an email. If you don’t…don’t do anything, I guess. But be safe when you’re celebrating my birthday. I know it’s the happiest day of the year, but don’t go overboard. 


  1. Now that's an ambitiously lazy celebration!
    If I wasn't already crammed with upcoming guest posts for my book tour, along with the IWSG, I'd do one.

  2. Your birthday is only on month from mine. Just celebrated what I WISH was only 27. There was a 7 in it, but no 2. LOL

  3. I can do something... if you give me an idea of the kind of something you want. Yes, I know this is not shooting you an email, but, hey, this is so much quicker. :P

  4. Funny that I happen to be reading this on my birthday (while I'm at work, sigh). 27? Jealous. My new age has a 2 in it, but no 7 (thank goodness, as the 2 is in the ones position.)

  5. Hope you have a happy birthday! And awesome celebrations too!


  6. Shall we designate it International JE O'Neill Day?

    Have a great birthday!


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