Saturday, July 20, 2013

Random Thoughts

---I think girls underwater is becoming the new girls in fancy dresses as the new YA cover thing. Although it will be a while before the latter is overtaken.
---Candidate for mother of the year: “A Southeast Texas woman faces a felony charge for allegedly delaying hospital treatment of her teenage son’s gunshot wound until she could research treatment options on the Internet”. Yeah. Gunshot wounds are the kind of thing you want to Google before getting them taken care of.
---“Polk School Bus Driver Staged Fight Between Students”. It might seem like I’ve been posting a lot of newspaper headlines in my Random Thoughts lately, but tell me, could you resist stuff like this?
---Speaking of which: “Texas teacher accused of duct taping student to chair”… a year after another teacher was accused of ordering kindergartners to hit a child. I’m not a mother. I have no desire to be one. Honestly, I’m not big on kids in general. But come on. How do people not get that you can’t treat children like that?!
---Yes, an interrobang is absolutely necessary.
---Actual quote from the teacher-duct tape article: “‘We are talking about human beings and they do make mistakes. Having said that that behavior is not excusable.’”
---There is “mistake”. Then there is “child abuse”. There’s a big difference.
---When Abercombie & Fitch’s CEO touts being exclusionary as part of their business strategy and refuses to make clothes for plus sized women you can’t really be surprised that they won’t make their stores accessible to disabled people.
---Seriously. Those guys are DICKS.
---“Senate defeats bills to keep student loans low”. Of course they did. It’s not like, say, passing a bill to keep airlines in business because everyone in congress flies a lot. I mean, this doesn’t even involve them.
---The preceding bullet points are evidence for the argument that we do not live in the best of all possible universes.
---I have got to stop checking my news feed.
---Actual newspaper headline: “And Xbox One to Rule Them”. I get the reference you’re making, but since the actual quote is “One Ring”, it’s kind of convoluted.
---“Michael Buble Being Stalked By A Velociraptor” is a real blog. And also evidence for the argument that we live in the best of all possible universes.


  1. This morning I'm finding evidence everywhere that we do not live in the best of all possible universes.....
    Thinking - yet again - about disengaging from the world - going to be a hermit somewhere. I already isolated myself quite a bit but I think only more is good.

  2. How do we actually know, though, what other universes are possible? There's no way to evaluate that statement. I mean, just because I can imagine a purple apple doesn't mean that it's possible for one to occur naturally; therefore, a purple apple cannot be included on the spectrum of "possible apples."


  3. I get how a teacher could want to duct tape a student to a chair. I've had those in class. (Also had the students whose mouths needed to be duct taped shut.) But just because I get it doesn't mean that I would ever do it. That is one step too far. Well...actually more like five.

  4. I heard about the Abercombie & Fitch asshat. Sometimes I just think there too many people in this world that suck. But then the Michael Buble Being Stalked By A Velociraptor blog made me smile. Maybe A&F should be stalked by velociraptors‽

  5. Oooops, I accidentally duct-taped this kid to a chair! I'm sorry! Yeah, no, that isn't a "mistake", it's a mental problem! (and yet I can relate to Liz's comment too, not that I'm a teacher - thankfully!!)

    I love that that is an actual blog :) Must check it out after posting this comment!

  6. LOL. I totally agree about the "girls under water" covers. *sigh* Come on people, be original!

    Duct taping a kid to a chair... LOL. My sister in law teaches 1st grade, and she makes a tape square around the boy's desks. They can move anywhere within the square while doing school work, but not beyond.

  7. Poor Neil Gaiman -- he came up with THE OCEAN AT THE END OF THE LANE years ago, but now, as you, "girls under water" seems to be the icon of this year's covers!

    Duct tape can answer any problem. Just kidding! I used to be a teacher, but I swear I never used duct tape! Thanks for dropping by my Velveteen Rabbit post today, Roland

  8. Wow, I'm a bit underwhelmed! NEWS media reports the strangest things. I read an article in my local newspaper a while back about a 5 year old girl kissing a 5 year old boy on the kindergarten playground, and the parents of the boy filed sexual harassment charges. Can you imagine seeing a 5 year old on Megan's Law list cuz she kissed a boy?


  9. Michael Buble deserves to get stalked by a raptor.

    And while I'm not fond of kids either, there's a pretty clear line: there are things you do not do!

    Apparently Duct Tape Teacher doesn't seem to get that line....


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