Saturday, June 2, 2012

Filler Post

As I am lazyburning down the house to get rid of the ants trying to get the internet to work busy, here’s a picture of two cats at the window. The orange one is Blinky (named for a certain three-eyed fish, not the ghost) and the tabby one is Veronica (not named for anything…she’s just a Veronica).

Veronica: Look at that. The "Outside". Amazing.

Blinky: We could go out there. The cat door is open.

Veronica: Shut your mouth. You don’t want to go giving her ideas. We’ll be forced to exercise!

Blinky: I withdraw the suggestion.


  1. Veronica and Blinky, may I offer my compliments as a member of a lower life form, fully aware that your feline species is the ultimate life form on the planet?

  2. We have five feline entities and they read this with interest.


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