Saturday, April 14, 2012

Random Thoughts

---Because I know you missed them. And I’m probably still in a diabetic coma from Easter.
---I blame the Cadbury Caramel Eggs, myself.
---Speaking of Easter, I put some hilarious designs on my dyed eggs this year. However, due to cruddy dye, they were all smudged and I can’t show them off. Nuts.
---I really have to start writing down these random thoughts when I think of them because I thought up a whole bunch of funny ones that I can’t remember now that I’m sitting in front of my computer.
---Seriously, I am getting so far behind on blog reading. The A to Z Challenge is killing me and I didn’t even sign up.
---The dot above i and j is called a tittle. It sounds dirty, but it’s not. Enjoy bringing it up in conversation.
---Having to take a “Cultural Competency” course makes my mom want to be less culturally competent.
---I had a dream where I was flying. Not with wings or like a superhero but in a plane. Because even in my dreams I’m a hard-headed realist.
---Oh, so the MPAA is finally letting Bully have aPG-13 rating after it was heavily edited? How kindof them.
---Oh, so we stare down SOPA and PIPA and now there’s another even more overreaching billthat allows any company copy your emails/posts, send them to whoever they want and change them if they desire, as long as theydeem it necessary for cybersecurity. Son. Of. A—[expletive deleted].
---Why is it when I take the sweetest, most loving OMG-give-me-attention-NOW cat to the vet, she acts like a terror?
Pictured: a cat who will curl up on your chest like the tiny, fragile kitten she’s convinced she is and purr loud enough to drown out the television. Yet who will bite anyone in scrubs.

Don't believe her lies about me. I'm the nicest cat ever.


  1. I found some Cadbury Chocolate Creme eggs and had to restrain myself from buying the lot.

  2. Ah, chocolate... the nectar of the gods.

    The cat, sweet as she might be, does not appreciate the well intentioned efforts of ye olde vet....

  3. I didn't get much Easter candy this year. Although, I've been on a brownie binge, so that should compensate.

  4. Dr Jekyll and Mr Cat. I think you may have a new novel story there...


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